Cellulite massage can be a very effective treatment towards the reduction of cellulite if performed on a regular basis in conjunction with a cellulite lotion. Cellulite is the hard bumpy fatty areas of the body that cause the skin to have a "cottage cheese" look. Cellulite is more prominent on women than men due to the natural design of each. A man’s body is designed to produce more muscle and therefore, he has an easier time reducing the fatty areas that produce cellulite.  A women’s body is designed to carry more fat, this is what gives a women all her beautiful curves but this also creates more frustration for her keeping her body looking good. As the years roll on and the body accumulates more fat, the cellulite starts to appear. It mostly accumulates in the areas of the thighs and buttocks but can appear in other areas also. Good exercise, diet and Cellulite Massage can be very effective at keeping these areas looking nice and smooth.
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A Cellulite Massage can be performed either by a professional or you can do it yourself. Either way it should be done frequently with a good Cellulite Lotion.
Cellulite Massage Routine
1. Apply a Cellulite Lotion for the best results to the affected area. This will lubricate the skin while massaging as well as reduce the inflammation of the fat cells underneath. This will result in more blood and lymph flow.
2) If you can, always massage towards the heart. By doing this you are working with your body. Not against it.
3) Apply moderate pressure alternating through different techniques. Imagine you are working in the kitchen with some pizza dough and your goal is to get the ingredients mixed up and smooth. Your goal here is to loosen up the hard and crusty fat cells so the body can move the waste away from this area through the vascular and lymph systems.
4) First, use long strokes using the knuckles, fingers or palm of hand then change the motion to kneading; this is a grasping effect using the thumb and finger to grab.
6) Lastly you should perform a pinching technique, pinching the skin using the thumb and finger pulling the skin gently in all directions.
Swollen fat cells on the left create the lumpy look on the surface known as Body Cellulite.
By performing a Cellulite Massage you are assisting your body’s natural process by reducing inflammation of the fat cells and allowing the drainage system to remove the toxins that are built up and trapped in these areas.